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Arlo Gagestein, Cscs, lmt

Owner of Competitive Edge Combat

Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu/Zenith BJJ Purple Belt 

Bachelor's Degree in Human Performance

Licensed Massage Therapist

Structural Integrator

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Certified MMA Conditioning Coach

Certified Sports Injury Specialist

Certified Core Conditioning Specialist

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Warrior Core is a one of a kind INSTRUCTIONAL PHOTO BOOK! It is a collaborative effort between MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Arlo Gagestein, Professional MMA Photographer, Rob Norbutt, and the fighters on this page.

What IS an instructional photo book? Great question, we had never heard of one either. That's why we were so excited about this project. Because let's face it, unless you are an exercise science geek like Arlo, fitness books are boring. Even for someone who loves the science, most books show all the same exercises (great tried-and-proven exercises, absolutely - that's why they are in every book) over and over again. But we wanted something new and unique. We wanted to include insanely effective core strengthening exercises that most people have never seen before, captured in a manner that is both interesting, intriguing, and in some instances, mind blowing. 

On top of that, we wanted to create a book that is so visually appealing, that even if you have no interest in reading about, or ever performing the exercise, it is still a fun and entertaining book to look at. Warrior Core is absolutely that book, a photo book that you would set out on the coffee table, including full color, professional quality photographs on every page. But, it is so much more than that too. Warrior Core is an equally fantastic instructional fitness resource jammed full of unique core exercises and detailed descriptions. 

Warrior Core is everything that we wanted it to become. Enjoy!

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