"I've been using almost all of the training methods in Warrior Core. They are the only workouts I've found that mimic how I feel in the fight!! I love it man!"

- Thomas Hughes, Team USA Kickboxing

"Arlo's workouts give me the endurance and speed I need to handle three five-minute rounds with ease. My last MMA fight however, only lasted 47 seconds because of the speed and crushing power he has helped me with. Arlo is one of the greatest people I know. His attitude, professionalism, and spirit will motivate anyone to better themselves in any field. I wouldn't be the athlete I am today if it wasn't for him."

- Jake South, 2x All-Army Combatives Tournament Champion, BJJ Black Belt

"Arlo Gagestein is one of the premier MMA strength and conditioning coaches in Utah. One of the biggest things that sets Arlo apart from other trainers is that he doesn't just think he knows what you are feeling when competing. He is himself a purple belt  under one of the most elite jiu-jitsu coaches in the world. He really understands the movements and what being gassed out feels like, then comes up with the exercises to improve those very specific areas."

- Sean Powers, Bellator MMA Fighter, Founder of Powers Promotions

"I'm getting faster, stronger, and better with every session at Competitive Edge. Arlo is a mad scientist of fitness, causing pain and discomfort while maximizing your workouts to get the full benefit of each training session. And he does it with a smile."

- Lucus Montoya, WSOF Fighter, BJJ Black Belt

"Love your book Arlo!! It is freaking amazing!! Great functional realistic exercises with amazing pics to demonstrate. Great job and thanks a ton again!"

- George Lockhart, Nutrition Coach

(has worked with Connor McGregor, Cris Cyborg, Jon Jones, Dustin Poirier, Rory MacDonald, Brian Stann, and more)

"This is a great book! I love it! I got a copy of it and it's got some great stuff. I really enjoy this book and I'm super excited to begin incorporating it more into my training. Man, awesome book!"

- Brandon Ruiz, Grappling World Champion, BJJ Black Belt

"Hey what's going on bro? Just a quick heads up. Me and some of the guys at the gym have been using your core workouts and we love them. Thanks a lot for all your help. Hope all is well. Come visit sometime. Thanks again!"

- Robert Drysdale, BJJ Black Belt World Champion, UFC Fighter

Core Strength Testimonials